Oil Free/Oil Less Compressors

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EnviroAire S

The EnviroAire S products are fixed speed, single stage, 100% oil-less rotary scroll compressors from 3 – 10 HP (per pump). Scroll packages have been designed specifically for industrial, laboratory, and medical applications in a variety of configurations. The EnviroAire S Medical scroll systems meet current CSA Standards, are NFPA 99 Code compliant, and are offered in several designated flow designs.


EnviroAire VS

When you choose an oil-less EnviroAire VS Series compressor from Gardner Denver, you get a clean reliable and efficient air supply that benefits both your business and your bottom line! The EnviroAire VS Series compressors from Gardner Denver contain absolutely no oil anywhere in the compressor and have been certified ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) and silicone free, making it the ultimate choice with simply no risk of oil contamination.


EnviroAire T

EnviroAire T/TVS Series oil free compressors offer industry leading performance in the most demanding applications through high efficiency components, low pressure losses, low temperatures and economical control.


EnviroAire TVS Series

The EnviroAire T/TVS features an Oil-Free design. There is no oil used anywhere in the compression process, which eliminates the risk of product contamination due to oil carryover. The EnviroAire T/TVS meets ISO 8573-1 Class 0, the most stringent class. It is also certified Silicone-Free which is critical for applications such as automotive and pharmaceutical.



Quantima air compressors deliver significant benefits over traditional technology. Energy savings of up to 25% and more are easily achievable with Quantima. A major leap forward in compression technology – it’s easy to see how this innovative compressor is set to revolutionize energy savings and efficiencies.


PureAir Series

The unique design of the PureAir Series assures the long life and productivity. Our continuing program of product research and development assures that each Gardner Denver compressor includes the latest advancements in oil-less compressor technology. Internal moving parts in the PureAir Oil-Less design are protected from wear without conventional lubrication. Crankshaft and rod bearings are lubricated by exclusive sealed, solid synthetic lubricants. Pistons move on alloyed heat-resistant filled Teflon guide and compression rings. The result is low maintenance, high durability and pure, oil-less air!