Air Treatment & Accessories

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Excellent water removal efficiency Unique deflector plate and shroud creates a swirling of the air stream ensuring maximum water and dirt separation Large filter element surface guarantees low pressure drop and increased element life and optional automatic float drain available….

Coalescing Filters

These high-efficiency filters operate on a somewhat different principle than particulate air filters. The key difference is in the element, where a fiber network is narrowly spaced to trap smaller contaminants. The special fibers hold any liquid particle which contacts them….


High flow performance featuring rugged design for the most demanding applications Ideal for those installations calling for constant pressure with wide variation in flow Diaphragm operated design with balanced poppet design for quick and accurate regulation Secondary aspiration plus balanced poppet provides quick response and accurate pressure regulation Heavy duty tee handle adjustment….


Metal bowl with sight gauge – standard Polycarbonate sight dome Bowl can be filled while air line is under pressure Proportional oil delivery over a wide range of air flows Large capacity bowl Optional high capacity bowl(s) available Precision needle valve assures repeatable oil delivery and provides simple adjustment of delivery rate….


Liquid Condensate contains water and oil as a byproduct of compression. Environmental standards require that oil be removed before water is discharged to drain. Our Separators provide a simple and cost effective solution…


ACS Carries a Full line of ATOM brand air Discharge Mufflers used wherever high pressure air is discharged to open air. Mufflers provide sound level protection in work areas or wherever personnel may be exposed to loud air discharge noise. We also carry Mufflers that feature a safety relief valve in case of saturation and blockage from particulates. These are strongly recommended for Desiccant type dryers….