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We Carry a wide selection of the most common Start and Run Compressor found on many Compressor Motors. You will need to match the Volt and MFD Rating on your existing Capacitor.


Part#Model#TypeShape/CaseDiameter (In.)Height (In.)MFDVolt
J6400PMJ400startround/phenolic1 7/163 3/8400-480110-125
J6405PMJ540startround/phenolic1 13/164 3/8540-648110-125
J6410PMJ590startround/phenolic1 13/164 3/8590-708110-125
J6412PMJ645startround/phenolic1 13/164 3/8645-774110-125
J6415PTMJ161startround/phenolic2 1/163 3/8161-193220-250
J6420PTMJ161startround/phenolic2 1/163 3/8216-259220-250
J6425PTMJ270startround/phenolic2 1/163 3/8270-324220-250
J6430PTMJ400startround/phenolic2 1/164 3/8400-480220-250
J6435PTMJ430startround/phenolic2 9/164 3/8430-516220-250
J6438PTMJ360startround/phenolic2 9/164 3/8630-750220-250
J6440TRC20runround/metal1 3/43 3/1620370
J6445TRC25runround/metal1 3/43 1/225370
J6450TRC30runround/metal24 1/830370
J6455TRC40runround/metal24 1/840370
J6460TRC50runround/metal24 3/450370
J6465TRC60runround/metal2 3/84 3/460370
J6470TRCF20runround/metal1 3/43 3/1620440


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