Electric Motors

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We carry a full line of Compressor Duty Electric Motors ranging from ½ HP to 25 HP. Motor RPM 1725-1800 Class. Frame styles include 56, 143, 145, 184, 215, 182, 184, 213, 215, 254, 256, and 284. Single and Three Phase motors are available. Contact us for help in matching the proper replacement motor to your existing Pump.

J50101/221 lbs.S56217255/8single115/208-230
J50243/426 lbs.S5617255/8single115/208-230
J5012138 lbs.143T17257/8single115/208-230
J50161.539 lbs.G145T17257/8single115/208-230
J5020247 lbs.145T17251 1/8single115/208-230
J5014375 lbs.184T17251 1/8single230
J5027582 lbs. 184T17251 1/8single208-230
J50437.5131 lbs.215T17251 3/8single230
J504510166 lbs.215TZ17251 3/8single230
J5048363 lbs.182T17601 1/83208-230/460
J5049572 lbs.184T17601 1/83208-230/460
J50537.5154 lbs.213T17601 3/83208-230/460
J505410174 lbs.215T17601 3/83208-230/460
J505215275 lbs.254T17701 5/83208-230/460
J505020312 lbs.256T17701 5/83208-230/460
J505125356 lbs.284T17701 7/83208-230/460

Utility Compressor Motors

Part#HPWTFrameRPMShaftAMP / Volts
J5039SPL 227 lbs.5634505/815A / 7.5A 115-230 V
J5041227 lbs.5634505/815A / 115V
J5042330 lbs.5634505/815A / 115V
J5029540 lbs.5634505/815A / 230V


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