Oil & Lubricants

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ACS carries an extensive line of replacement lubricants for every aspect of your compressed air system:

  • Rotary Screw Lubricants
  • Reciprocating Lubricants
  • Rotary Vane Lubricants
  • Synthetic & Synthetic Blend Lubricants
  • Food-Grade Lubricants
  • Cleaner Lubricants
  • Breathing Air Lubricants
  • Blower Lubricants
  • Centrifugal Lubricants

Rotary Screw Lubricants

OilDescriptionISO5 Gallon Pail Product #55 Gallon Drum Product #
Maxima-46Synthetic Polyolester 15Wt.46U9067
PAO 1000Synthetic PAO 10Wt.32U9064
PAO 2000Synthetic PAO 15Wt.46U9016U9017
FG200Synthetic Foodgrade PAO 15Wt.46U9075
FG300Synthetic Foodgrade PAO 30Wt. 100U9080
S 2000Synthetic Diester 20Wt.68U9020U9018
S 3000Synthetic Diester 30Wt. 100U9013U9012
PSL 200Partial Synthetic with oxidation control agents 15Wt. 46U9030U9031
Lube 32Polyglycol Ester 5W/20U9032U9033
MAX CoolantPolyglycol Ester 10W/20U9034U9035
#1 - TM 10Petroleum 10Wt. w/ synthetic additives32U9063
#2 - TM 20Petroleum 20Wt. w/ synthetic additives68U9036

Reciprocating Lubricants

OilDescriptionISO1 Quart Product#12 Quarts Case Product#1 Gallon Product#4 Gallon Case Product#5 Gallon Pail Product#55 Gallon Drum Product#
PAO 220Synthetic PAO 50Wt.200U9082U9081U9084U9086
#3 - TM 30Petroleum PAO 50Wt.100U9021U9028U9014U9029U9019U9011
S 3000Synthetic Diester 30Wt.100U9062U9013U9012

Air Tool Oil

OilDiscription1 Pint Product#20 Pint Case Product#1 Quart Product#12 Quart Case Product#1 Gallon Product#4 Gallons Product#
Air Tool OilTool LubricationU9021U9022U9023U9024U9025U9026


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