Pressure Switches

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ACS stocks 27 different pressure switch models.

Options include 95-125, 140-175, 30-40, 115-150, Pressure Settings including a Vacuum version.

With and without Unloader Valve, ¼ and 3/8 inch inlet port, off-auto switch and Single or Multi Port inlet.  Pressure switches are used to control the storage pressure in your compressor tank. For a stable accurate supply line pressure we recommend installing a pipeline mounted pressure regulator. See our line of Regulators.

Pressure switches may be used to supply power direct to smaller motors, usually those under 15 amp load rating. For larger Motors, Pressure Switches are used in Conjunction with a Motor Starter. Also known as a Relay Contactor. See Motor Starters and or IEC Contactors.

Attempting to power a larger motor ( above 15 amp) using a pressure switch alone may likely damage the motor.  All three phase motors should use a Starter.

Part #Model #AmpBrandSettingRangeDifferentialPortsFPT Port Size InchesUnloaderUnloader Ftg SizeAuto / Off Switch
U1142LF10-L-4H-mm-12520Lefoo95/12535-15030-4041/4Yes6 MMYes
W40539013FHG-12J5220Square D95/12570-1503011/4No1/4No
W40559013FHG-12J52X20Square D95/12570-1503011/4Yes1/4No
W42039013FHG-12J52MIX20Square D95/12570-1503011/4Yes1/4Yes
W42049013FHG-14J52MIX20Square D95/12570-1503041/4YesNoYes
W40589013FHG-32J5224Square D95/12570-1503011/4NoNoNo
W40569013FHG-42J5920Square D140/175100-2004011/4NoNoNo
W40529013FHG-42J59X20Square D140/175100-2004011/4Yes1/4No
W40579013GHG-6J6216Square D140/17580-25024-4513/8NoNoNo
W40549013GHG-6J62X16Square D140/17580-25024-4513/8Yes1/4No
W40599013GHB-2J58X16Square D125/15065-20020-4011/4Yes1/4No
W40609013GHR-2J57X16Square D125/15065-20030-5011/4Yes1/4No
W40619016GAW-110Square DVacuum0-28.7"Hg0.8-9"Hg11/4NoNoNo
W40309012-GNG-510Square DNot set3-1504.22-2211/4NoNoNo
W403969HAU324Hubbell - Furnas30/4015-607-1513/8Yes1/4No
W408069JF7Y20Hubbell - Furnas95/12550-14525-3311/4Yes1/4No
W408169JF7LY2C20Hubbell - Furnas95/12550-14525-3341/4Yes1/4Yes
W408369HAU124Hubbell - Furnas115/15040-25035-6013/8Yes1/4No
W408269JF9Y20Hubbell - Furnas140/175100-17530-4011/4Yes1/4No
W408469JG9LY2C24Hubbell - Furnas140/175100-17530-4041/4Yes1/4Yes


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