Motor Pulleys

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We carry an extensive line of cast iron motor pulleys designed for use with most air compressor pumps ranging from 1 to 25 HP. Our Pulleys feature easy off and on taper lock bushings and A/B combo grooves. Special order pulleys of all types are available upon request.

ACS Motor Pulleys

Part#Model#Bushing RequiredGroovesOutside Dimensions (inches)Use Belt Type
J55001A22X5/8Fixed Bore 5/8"12.2A or 4L
J55051A25X5/8Fixed Bore 5/8"12.5A or 4L
J55101A27X5/8Fixed Bore 5/8"12.7A or 4L
J55151A30X5/8Fixed Bore 5/8"13.05A or 4L
J55201A35X5/8Fixed Bore 5/8"13.45A or 4L
J55251A35X7/8Fixed Bore 7/8"13.45A or 4L
J55301A40X7/8Fixed Bore 7/8"13.95A or 4L
J55351A45X7/8Fixed Bore 7/8"14.45A or 4L
J55401A50X7/8Fixed Bore 7/8"14.95A or 4L
J55451A55X7/8Fixed Bore 7/8"15.45A or 4L
J55501A60X7/8Fixed Bore 7/8"15.95A or 4L
J56002B35L or H23.55B or 5L
J56052B39L or H23.95B or 5L
J56102B44L or H24.45B or 5L
J56152B52L or H25.25B or 5L
J56202B62L or H26.25B or 5L
J56252B69L or H26.95B or 5L
J56302B77L or H27.75B or 5L

Maska Motor Pulleys

Part#Model#Bushing RequiredGroovesOutsideUse Belt Type
J6080MA40X3/4Fixed Bore 3/4"13.95A or 4L
J6085MA40X5/8Fixed Bore 5/8"13.95A or 4L
J6080MA50X3/4Fixed Bore 3/4"14.95A or 4L
J60152MBL57L or H25.75B or 5L
J60352MBL97L or H29.75B or 5L
J63002B110SK211.35B or 5L
J60453B52SD35.55B or 5L
J60503B56SD35.95B or 5L
J60553B66SD36.95B or 5L
J60603B70SK37.35B or 5L
J60403B110SK211.35B or 5L
J60644B68SK47.75B or 5L
J60654B74SK47.75B or 5L
J60704B86SK48.95B or 5L
J60754B94SK49.75B or 5L

Maska Bushings

Part#Bushing ModelBore Demesions (inches)Bushing Type
J6200LX11L or H
J6205LX1-1/81 1/8L or H
J6206LX1-3/81 3/8L or H
J6215SKX1-3/81 3/8SK
J6210SKX1-5/81 5/8SK
J6220SKX1-7/81 7/8SK
J6225SDX1-3/81 3/8SD
J6226SDX1-5/81 5/8SD
J6227SDX1-7/81 7/8SD


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