Air Compressor Tanks

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Our Tanks are Made in the USA and are ASME coded. We offer capacities ranging from 30 Gallon to 1060 Gallon. Tanks are painted primer red or gray. Models with top plates are designed for mounting pump and motor to tank. We also offer additional tank designs upon request. All tanks require a safety valve. See our safety valve selection. See also Ball Valves and Pressure Gauges.

Part #SizeConfig.PSIDiscriptionTotal H InchesBarrelTop PlateWeight
I20158 galtwin150w/o wheels/non-code12.7536 x 1824 x 955 lbs.
I202020 galhoriz150w/o wheels/non-code2033 x 1418 x 7.563 lbs.
I203130 galhoriz200big top plate2038 x 1434 x 10140 lbs.
I203530 galvert200std top plate39.7536 x 1623 x 999 lbs.
I202860 galhoriz200std top plate24.7548 x 2036 x 12117 lbs.
I202660 galvert200std top plate51.754 x 2036 x 12173 lbs.
I201280 galhoriz200std top plate24.7563 x 2036 x 12230 lbs.
I202580 galvert200std top plate5146 x 2436 x 12269 lbs.
I2021120 galhoriz200std top plate29.2569 x 2444 x 16343 lbs.
I2019120 galvert200std top plate5646 x 3039 x 15432 lbs.
I2014240 galhoriz200std top plate3684 x 3044 x 26658 lbs.
I2013120 galvert/remote200no top plate77 + 369 x 24none301 lbs.
I2029240 galvert/remote200no top plate92 + 384 x 30none620 lbs.
I2036400 galvert/remote165no top plate101 + 393 x 36none728 lbs.
I2081660 galvert/remote150no top plate128120 x 42none1560 lbs.
I20801060 galvert/remote150no top plate152144 x 48none2195 lbs.
I2037for small pumpsbase plate3.7534 x 1050 lbs.
I2038for 5 to 10 hp plumpsbase plate436 x 1275 lbs.
I2039for up to 25 hp pumpsbase plate544 x 16100 lbs.


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