Fushegg & Curtis Replacement Pump

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Our Line of Curtis Replacement Pumps Include Single and Two Stage Models, 1 -15 HP applications. Cast Iron Construction.  Our Pumps will replace Curtis models ES-10, ES-20, E-23, ES-30, ES50, E-50, E-71 and E-15. All Pumps include Flywheel and Intake Filter. All Pumps are Oil Lubricated.

Part#Model#Replaces FushengReplaces CurtisHPStageCYLAir DeliveryRPMWeight
U1600RF10SVA-65ES-101123 CFM @ 115 PSI51045 lbs
U1610RF20STA-65ES-202136.7 CFM @ 115 PSI68064 lbs
U1620RF23THTA-65E-232236 CFM @ 175 PSI78060 lbs
U1630RF30SVA-80ES-3031210.6 CFM @ 115 PSI800110 lbs
U1640RF50STA-80ES-5051318.4 CFM @ 115 PSI880155 lbs
U1650RF50THTA-80E-5052315.9 CFM @ 175 PSI950148 lbs
U1660RF71THTA-100E-71102328.3 CFM @ 175 PSI990227 lbs
U1670RF15THTA-120E-15152344 CFM @ 175 PSI900411 lbs