Kellogg Replacements

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Our Line of Kellogg Replacement Pumps are Two Stage Models, 2 -25 HP applications. Cast Iron Construction.  Our Pumps will replace Kellogg models 321, 332, 335, 352, 452, and 462 All Pumps include Flywheel and Intake Filter. All Pumps are Oil Lubricated. Featuring Insert type Rod Bearings and Disc Valves.

X1030R3211-222121 lbs
X1031Z3323, 5 , & 7.522240 lbs
X1032R335HU3-522220 lbs
X1033R352HU1022480 lbs
X1034R452HU7.5-1024310 lbs
X1035R462HU15-2524793 llbs