Powerex Oilless Pumps

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Powerex utilizes cutting-edge compressor technology
to provide the most advanced oilless reciprocating air
compressor in the industry. Available in single and two
stage versions.

Continously lubricated, sealed bearings provide oil-free
compressed air and extended compressor life.

Onboard fan, finned flywheel and temperature reducing
composite piston create lower operating temperatures.
The inlet filter on the compressor assures a capture rate
of 99% of incoming air particulate , down to 10 micron.
Needle bearings at the wrist pins are double lip sealed
and grease lubricated.

P4000OPS0101.5 / 1885/6205.3 / 3.61134
P4005OPS0303 / 21115/84510.1 / 6.51265
P4015OPT10010 / 7.5109085535 / 26.123134