Replacement Pumps

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Our Line of Replacement Pumps Range from Single Stage models, 1-5 HP applications, and Two Stage Models, 2 -25 HP applications. Cast Iron Construction.  Our Pumps will replace certain models including 321, 332,335,352,452,462 Kellogg, Saylor Beall 705, 707,  E series Curtis, Industrial Air, Chinook K17. K22, K24, EmGlo KU and VT Campbell Hausfeld Pumps. All Pumps include Flywheel and Intake Filter. All Pumps are Oil Lubricated.

Part#Model #BrandHPStageICCYLAir DeliveryWeight
X1104UKEmglo/Jenny1-21N/A28 CFM @ 100 PSI 0 lb20 lbs
X1116SZ-MSL10Schulz2-51N/A25.9 CFM @100 PSI35 lbs
X1108VTCampbell Hausfeld2-51N/A27 CFM @ 90 PSI36 lbs
U1264UB20Unoair21N/A28 CFM @ 100 PSI44 lbs
U1261UH30Unoair31N/A213.8 CFM @100 PSI53 lbs
U1286UH30DUnoair2-51N/A28 CFM @ 100 PSI53 lbs
U1290UHT75Unoair52Finned Copper217 CFM @ 175 PSI270 lbs
U1256EC-5ACS52Cast Iron217 CFM @ 175 PSI240 lbs
U1257EC-U5UACS52Cast Iron217 CFM @ 175 PSI245 lbs
X1107EC-7Schulz7.52Finned Copper225.5 CFM @ 175 PSI210 lbs
U1258EC-10ACS102Cast Iron434 CFM @ 175 PSI335 lbs
U1259EC-10UACS102Cast Iron434 CFM @ 175 PSI340 lbs
X1115EC-15Schulz102Finned Copper347 CFM @ 175 PSI325 lbs