Portable Light Towers

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BL2000 Balloon Light

The BL2000 balloon light from Doosan Portable Power is the ultimate compact, portable lighting solution. The BL2000 balloon light plugs into any three-pronged, 12-volt, 20-amp outlet and immediately provides 2,000 watts of quiet, glare-free light with fewer reflections and shadows. The BL2000 is easy to use and is exceedingly versatile with optional mounting hardware available through Doosan Portable Power’s Aftermarket department.

LSCWKUB-50HZ-T4F Light Tower

The class-leading LSCWKUB-50HZ-T4F light tower from Doosan Portable Power has been redesigned for improved durability and reliability. The LSC has a compact footprint for truckload maximization and more cost-effective transport, allowing 12 fully assembled units to be transported per 48’ flatbed. Four 1,000 watt metal halide lights provide 64 hours of high quality light with optimal coverage. The LSCWKUB-50HZ-T4F light tower from Doosan Portable Power is the portable lighting optimal choice for emergency and disaster relief, road and bridge construction, and special events.

LSCWKUB-60HZ-T4F Light Tower

Doosan Portable Power has redesigned the class-leading LSC light tower. The LSC light tower now features a compact platform that not only increased jobsite mobility, but also allows for efficient and cost effective transport. The easy to use, tool-free aiming system allows for easy set up and adjustment for optimal light coverage. The LSC light tower provides class-leading durability and reliability, making it the optimal lighting choice for special events, construction sites, and emergency disaster relief.

LSWKUB-60HZ-T4F Light Tower

Light towers from Doosan Portable Power are built with the professional-grade reliability and durability you require. Our light towers feature dependable engines, a brighter, larger coverage area, and protective reflector housings with tempered glass. If your workday doesn’t end, or if your event heats up after the sun goes down, then you need to put the power of our light towers to work for you.

L6WKUB-60HZ-T4F Light Tower

The L6WKUB light tower from Doosan Portable power provides the high quality, dependable illumination for any application. The L6 light tower is engineered with professional-grade materials to ensure durability and guarantee the reliability you require. Doosan Portable Power light towers feature dependable engines, a larger, brighter coverage area, and protective reflector housing with tempered glass.

L8WKUB-60HZ-T4F Light Tower

The professional grade L8WKUB-60HZ- T4F light tower from Doosan Portable Power provides the superior lighting your worksite requires. The L8 is dependably rugged, featuring durable protective reflector housings with tempered glass. Doosan Portable Power’s light towers feature reliable engines and a larger, brighter coverage area. If your event or workday doesn’t start until the sun goes down, the L8 from Doosan Portable Power is for you.

L20WIZ-60HZ-T4i Light Tower

The Doosan Portable Power L20 vertical light tower is a high output light tower and 20kW generator, all in one convenient package. This compact, two-in-one machine saves you valuable space and offers unmatched jobsite maneuverability. The Doosan Portable Power L20 light tower is the perfect machine for oil and gas exploration, mining, and any environment with no reliable power source. The L20 T4i generator has plenty of extra power for tools, heaters, and other equipment while reducing the need for additional machinery on the jobsite.


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