Apex™ Series

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The Apex™ is Professional-Grade

That’s what you expect from your compressor, reliable, professional-grade performance that provides all the air you need each and every time you need it. With this line of simple, plug-and-play compressors, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.



Scope of Supply

The Apex™ rotary screw air compressor is a load / no load, fully enclosed package with a single stage airend which is oil-flooded and air-cooled. The airend is belt-driven by a 3600 RPM TEAO motor. The capacity shall be [Select ACFM] ACFM at a full load discharge pressure of [Select PSIG] PSIG. The presented capacity is measured at the discharge terminal point of the compressor package in accordance with ISO 1217, Annex C.

Product Features

Fully Integrated Airend

The Apex™ utilizes a highly-efficient airend that incorporates a spin-on / spin-off lubricant filter, spin-on / spin-off air / lubricant separator, air inlet filter and a thermostatic mixing valve for lubricant temperature regulation. This fully integrated airend design eliminates multiple hose connections, thus increasing reliability. In addition, a tri-lip shaft seal prevents lubricant leakage around the drive shaft as well as prevents the ingress of dust.

Drive Motor with Wye-Delta Starter

The drive motor is a high performance TEAO continuous duty motor which comes standard with a 5 year warranty. With ratings of 45ºC and 1.20 SF this premium motor adds to the sheer robustness of the Apex™. To prevent power peaks upon start-up, Wye-Delta soft starting technology is employed.

Control Enclosure

With a Nema 4 design, the UL508a listed industrial control panel and UL/cUL listed electrical components housed inside of the control enclosure are sealed off from the ingress of contaminates. In addition, the electrical components are CSA certified.

Air / Lubricant Supply Hoses

Over-braided with convoluted stainless steel and affixed with engineered fittings, the supply hoses used in the Apex™ are resistant to leakage and decay ensuring a leak-free system. The three hoses employed in the Apex provide air discharge to the after cooler, oil return from oil cooler and oil discharge to oil cooler.

Air Filtration

The 99.9% @ 3 micron inlet air filter offers complete air filtration; increasing the life of both the lubricant and airend by capturing impurities before they enter the compressor system. Thanks to its large dirt holding capacity pressure drop is minimized, resulting in greater compressor performance. To further maximize performance, pressure differential is measured to alarm the user when the filter has reached its end of life.

Automatic Belt Tensioning

Equipped with an automatic belt tensioning system, the Apex™ maximizes belt life by ensuring that the proper amount of tension is applied at all times. This automatic system further adds to the reliability of the compressor’s drive system by eliminating premature failures due to uneven wear caused by lack of belt tension.

Available Models:


Apex 15+, 20, & 25 HP

With the Apex 15+ – 25 models, we provide all the features you demand, using a simple package design that takes up a minimum amount of space. Using a fully integrated airend, the Apex contains fewer connections than competitive machines at this size, increasing the machine’s reliability. In addition, routine maintenance can be performed in seconds.

  • 15-25HP
  • 50-110 CFM
  • Belt Drive
  • Load/No Load Control
  • Base Mount or Total System Configuration


Apex 25+ & 30 HP

The Apex 25+ and 30 HP models complete the Apex Series product family. These robust, high performing machines give you all the air you need each and every time you need it. Designed with the service guy in mind, the Apex 25+ and 30 give you one of the cleanest compressor layouts.

  • 25-30HP
  • 94-146 CFM
  • Direct Drive
  • Load/No Load with Optional Modulation
  • Base Mount or Total System Configuration


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