Apex Series (15-30HP)

Oil Lubricated single-stage technology 11-22 kW (15-30HP)

A simple construction provides reliable, long-lasting performance. An efficient design with fewer components on this rotary screw air compressor makes it one of the most robust products on the market. Maintenance can be completed in minutes, minimizing downtime and saving money. The variety of Apex models that we offer ensures you will find the right rotary screw air compressor to suit all your needs.

Features & Benefits

Designed for maximum efficiency and reliability

Apex 15+ – 25

With the Apex 15+ – 25 models, we provide all the features you demand, using a simple package design that takes up a minimum amount of space. Using a fully integrated airend, the Apex contains fewer connections than competitive machines at this size, increasing the machine’s reliability. In addition, routine maintenance can be performed in seconds.

  • 15-25HP
  • 50-110 CFM
  • Belt Drive
  • Load/No Load Control
  • Base Mount or Total System Configuration

Apex 25+-30

The Apex 25+ and 30 HP models complete the Apex Series, product family. These robust, high performing machines give you all the air you need each and every time you need it. Designed with the service guy in mind, the Apex 25+ and 30 give you one of the cleanest compressor layouts.

  • 25-30HP
  • 94-146 CFM
  • Direct Drive
  • Load/No Load with Optional Modulation
  • Base Mount or Total System Configuration

Total System

The Apex Total System will save you both time and space. By utilizing the air receiver as a base for the compressor and dryer, the Apex Total System provides a compressed air system in a space-saving design. The Apex Total System is a plug-and-play compressed air system that ensures your operation is up and running with minimal installation time and cost.


The fixed speed Apex Series™ from Gardner Denver offers a fully enclosed, low noise compressor package that delivers the performance and reliability you demand.

“The integrated airend design includes easy-to-access service items, a thermostatic mixing valve that ensures proper compressor warm-up and prevents moisture contamination of oil and a robust, two-stage lubricant separation system that keeps oil carryover to a minimum.”

The Apex Total System™ is the ideal solution for a compressed air system that requires minimal installation time and cost.

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