Electra Saver II (90-160 kW (125-200HP)

Oil-lubricated single-stage Electra Saver II series

The Electra Saver II series are workhorse rotary screw air compressors that provide decades of dependability with high quality components. These fixed speed compressor packages are direct drive with oversized airends. A NEMA 4 control enclosure paired with stainless steel control lines on this rotary screw air compressor makes for high efficiency levels.

Features & Benefits

Oil lubricated single stage rotary screw technology 55-160kW (75-200HP)

The Electra Saver II G2 – A Series Legend

Electra-Saver II & series are workhorse air compressors that range from 75 to 200 HP. These fixed speed single stage rotary screw compressor packages are Direct Drive with oversized airends and bearings that provide decades of dependability.


  • Air or water cooled
  • 1800rpm ODP and TEFC motor options
  • Stainless steel control lines
  • High performance directly driven airend
  • NEMA 4 control enclosure
  • Wye-delta starter
  • AirSmart™ microprocessor controller
    Modulation and Load/no load capacity control


Reduced downtime due to service-friendly package design

  • All filters are easily accessible.
  • Servicing the separator does not require any piping removal.
  • Unenclosed package allows for quick access to all service items.

Slow speed, oversized design ensures decades of dependability 

  • Larger airends, running at slower speeds, maximize efficiency and increase reliability.
  • There are more Electra Saver and Electra Saver II compressors running in North America than any other rotary screw compressor.

AirSmart™ Controller is more than just a controller

  • Maintenance and error handling information allows for quick system information to be conveyed to the user.
  • Easy access to consumable part numbers when re-ordering is necessary.
  • Connect multiple compressors in a system with the optional sequencing feature.
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